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Until Xenoblade Chronicles


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Now that Nintendo has graced us with their official non-answer, it is time to double down and hit back hard

we have allot in the works....

for instance I have made fliers, print them out, photocopy them, cut them into individuals, and distribute

try putting them out at a gamestop, or other game retailer (get permission from the owner first)


this was sent in by Rawky-Roo from the IGN boards

I've posted this in the other thread, but feel this might help as well:

I thought of something else we could do, although it could be tricky trying to make an impact.

Nintendo receives data on what games are being played and whats popular through the Nintendo Channel on the Wii. So why don't we all get voting.

Here's what to do:


- Download the Nintendo Channel onto your Wii Dashboard (its free)

- Once in the Channel, select the 'Recommend Titles' tab (the one with an image of an envelope.

- Select 'Recommend Wii Software

Now the following depends on if you've played these games for at least 1 hour. Those games being:

No More Heroes
No More Heroes 2
Little Kings Story
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Monster Hunter Tri
Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies

If you have played those games or any other 'niche' type games then do the following:

- Select game from the list

- Answer the following questions: Your gender, age etc

- NOW THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT Rate each and every 'Niche game' you have to 'Highly'.

- Say that this game appeals to 'GAMERS' and the 'HARDCORE'

- Depending on the game say whether its better 'With Friends' or 'Alone'

- Then Click 'SEND'

Each vote a game receives will go towards it receiving a 'Medal'. The Medals being Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Games that are very popular will receive these medals so lets try and get these 'Niche games' up to Platinum!


Let's play some games!!

Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Muramasa, Fire Emblem. Whatever game you own, play the crap out of it. Everyone playtimes will be calculated together, bumping them up the 'popularity charts'. We can even have a TvC session or something.

All this info will go directly to Nintendo, so they will see how popular these games are. Who's up for it? Its free and doesn't intrude on anyone.

more to come later in this post


  1. I just stumbled upon this. Like many of you, I was disappointed that Nintendo did not announce a localization for these three GREAT looking WIi-Exclusive games at E32011. I hope this works!

  2. This really is a great task you are all undertaking... But I sadly can't help but feel that your efforts would go a little less unnoticed if you where taking your concerns to the third party developers instead of the NOA office's...

    Trust me when I say NOTHING will get these games out on American shores faster then everyone clamoring for them to get here any way possible... (Especially if that means you don't care if there on a Nintendo console or not)

    I'd give Nintendo about a week before you'd hear news of the three special edition's "they where planing for us all along"...

  3. You forgot to ask for English releases of Mother 1+2 and Mother 3 for GBA.

  4. I have also started to make similar fliers. Fortunately, a good friend of mine runs a game store and has consented in having a display by the front counter with pre-made letters waiting to be signed and mailed free to Nintendo (out of my own pocket). Also we will place fliers posted around the Wii section publicizing the cause and explaining why we need these games.

    If you develop a great flyer, post it to this site. My design skills are terrible and I'm sure others would be willing to distribute if they didn't have to put effort into making it.

    Also, is there an organized forum we can gather to brainstorm new ideas? The Facebook page is a chaotic shit storm.

  5. The worst thing about the non-release of these games is that Xenoblade and Last Story are already being localised for Europe so there is very little actual work for NoA to do. I can't believe the lameness of NoA's statement about 'awesome fans'. So lame.

  6. "time to double down and hit back hard"

    By putting pieces of paper around!

    This is a worthless pursuit. NOA just probably doesn't see a market for these games. Hardcore gamer don't really want them, and casual gamers won't touch them. These games are only really appealing to the kids that are obsessed with Anime and wish they could speak Japanese.

  7. @tskman: You are a douche.

    Ok, now for everyone else. You should reconsider writing to Nintendo of America. They are stubborn, and could careless about these fringe games. Japan is a different beast and if enough American letters reach their steps, can you imagine the calamity for Reggie?

  8. I'd mail, but I don't have any stamps. I've sent emails to Nintendo Power and called Nintendo about it.


  10. I actually don't own any of these games, but I do have Castle of Shikigami 3 and I play the crap, out of that. If anybody else owns this, be sure to play that a lot too.

  11. I tried putting the poster up at my local Gamestop, but the guy there wouldn't let me. He said it would violate their "no soliciting" rule. He was sympathetic to the cause, though.

  12. @tskman: Yeah, this could be an exercise in futility but at least Big N has had to acknowledge the grumbling (albeit with a non-answer). Also, these are not your typical JRPGs in that they are action-RPGs, two of them with very Western styles to boot. That makes them special compared to your typical Japanese turn-based RPG populated by moƫ teenaged characters.

    It may be that NOA is just holding out so they can have a last hurrah for the Wii (@Bakanineinstein) as we wait for the new console.

    As for overall marketability, these games were actually very well-received by Famitsu - 38/40 for The Last Story; 36/40 for Xenoblade; and 31/40 for Pandora's Tower. Not that Western audiences would react the same but, considering planned (or supposed) releases for all three in Europe, NOE must see some merit and general appeal in these games.

    @Lee: A good suggestion. If anyone can put the pressure on NOA, it's Iwata-san. The situation makes me wonder how involved NOJ is with NOA's activities and their localization strategy.

  13. "Scorned fans never forget, nor do they easily forgive."

    Let them know this.

  14. How about making a fursuit of this character
    with walking billboard thingy reading "Remember Me, Nintendo of America?" with the website for this group on the bottom

    and go to Nintendo World and attend EVERY event Nintendo is doing dressed as such just to get the point across