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Until Xenoblade Chronicles


Monday, December 5, 2011

Phase IV Mission 1- Thank You Nintendo!

This mission is in effect immediately and is ongoing.

Due to the recent and surprising announcement of the release of Xenoblade Chronicles in the NoA region, Mission 1 of Phase IV begins immediately. Details for the rest of phase IV will be released at a later time.

This Mission is self-explanatory. Tell Nintendo thank you and show them that they made the right decision in bringing Xenoblade Chronicles to the NoA region! We asked for it, and we got it; the least we can do is say thank you. We also need to show support for Xenoblade. The more attention we give to Xenoblade related content, the more interest we are going to generate. Xenoblade sales could ultimately determine if The Last Story and Pandora's Tower are released here.

Ways you can thank Nintendo and show support:

Email- Write an email to Nintendo thanking them for releasing Xenoblade Chronicles. or

Thank You Letter- Write a hand written letter thanking Nintendo for releasing Xenoblade Chronicles
Send letters to:
Nintendo of America
4600 150th AVE NE.
Redmond, WA 98052 USA

Facebook- Like, share, and comment on their Xenoblade related Facebook posts.

Twiitter- Send a thank you! to @NintendoAmerica. ReTweet their Xenoblade related Tweets.

Youtube- View subcribe, and like Nintendo's Xenoblade related Youtube videos. and

Include a "thank you" for Xenoblade Chronicles in any pre- and post-play surveys you fill out for Club Nintendo.

If you can think of other ways to say "thank you" to Nintendo, let us know!


  1. I'm sending an email right now.

  2. This proves to me that Nintendo fans are the greatest!

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  4. One way to thank NoA is to screenshot your confirmation e-mail or take a photo/scan your pre-order receipt and attach/embed it to your e-mail. In the case of the web form, you can upload it to TIny Pic or Imageshack and link to it. Thus, you're showing that you bought it while thanking them for bringing it over.