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Friday, January 6, 2012

Has It Been 6 Months Already?!

Wow! Operation Rainfall sure has come a long ways since it first began just over six months ago!  Since then, the campaign has taken a new direction and is under new leadership. It's now a better Operation Rainfall; a more organized campaign.

Xenoblade is Coming! The most important news is that on December 2nd, 2011, Nintendo announced that Xenoblade is coming to our region on April 2nd, 2012! We at Operation Rainfall believe that how well Xenoblade sells will ultimately determine if we get the other two games the Last Story and Pandora's Tower. This means that right now, the attention of the campaign is focused on Xenoblade, however, we are still a campaign for all three games. In fact, we have a campaign event planned for "The Last Story" later this month.

Contact NoA Day. On January 27, we currently have a "Contact Nintendo of America" day planned in which we will be mass communicating with Nintendo of America to let them know we are all still interested in The Last Story. January 27 is the one year anniversary of the games' release in Japan. Details of the event planned for that day can be found here:

Importance of Our Facebook Page. Our Facebook page has become the "hub" of our community and is currently at 11,000 people. So check it out if you have Facebook, and make sure to like the page while you are there. If you don't have Facebook, no worries. We regularly update this blog to provide you with the latest information about our campaign, as well as the latest information about Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower.

Thank You! Thank you all for supporting us as we continue campaigning to get these great games localized. We CAN get The Last Story and Pandora's Tower, but only if we all work together!


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  2. Has anyone noticed that is saying "We expect to begin shipping by the end of April 2012."? I know what they mean is they'll probably ship Xenoblade Chronicles before then, but is it a possibility that they might delay shipping their pre-orders?

  3. It is possible. GameStop is the one that started the "April 2nd" rumor by posting that on their website as the ship date. The date has not officially been confirmed by Nintendo.