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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Operation Rainfall's Policy On Importing

With the release of The Last Story approaching in Europe, it is that time again to remind people about our policies on importing. Operation Rainfall as a campaign cannot support the importing of games for two reasons. One, Operation Rainfall is about getting games localized. Two, in order to play an imported game one has to modify their console to play it, and modding violates Nintendo's policies. If you mod your Wii, they will not fix it.

However, even though we cannot support it as a campaign, we will not condemn it either. We know many people have imported these games because Nintendo of America is not telling us if or when theses games are coming.

This is our policy: If you imported then that's fine, just don't try to encourage others to do it as well. This means no sharing importing links or having conversations on our wall about importing. Also, while we won't look down on people who say they imported, we cannot allow talk about modding or piracy. Please leave such talk off of our wall.

Thank you
Operation Rainfall Staff

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