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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pandora Tower Europe Release Update and Other Info

ϟϟϟ NEWS FLASH ϟϟϟ Tonight’s Nintendo Investor Conference wrapped up with some interesting tidbits: 
1) The European release date of Pandora’s Tower has been narrowed down to sometime between April & June 2012. 

2) Wii U will release in November 2012 

3) Wii U will have an online infrastructure dubbed “Nintendo Network” that makes use of personal accounts and is capable of delivering full retail games as digital downloads. We’ll discuss what this means for our campaign over the coming days.

Don’t forget that 12:00 am PST TONIGHT we kick off “The Last Story Month” so get ready to spread the word and contact Nintendo tomorrow!! We’ve got an exciting month packed chock-full of screenshots, music & video clips, and gameplay tidbits from both The Last Story and Xenoblade, culminating in the grand finale - the February 24th release of The Last Story in Europe! 

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