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Until Xenoblade Chronicles


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Solution for Problem with Ordering Xenoblade at EB Games Canada Retail Stores

We reported this a while back but it seems EB Games has yet to fix this.

People are reporting that pre-orders are not available yet at EB Games retail stores in Canada. It turns out, they are there but the way the computer has it set up, it is difficult to find. You can ask the clerk to manually search for the SKU 705128. This should allow them to find Xenoblade Chronicles and you can then place your pre-order. 


  1. I tried to pre-order at an Eb Games yesterday, and I even gave them the SKU, but it wasn't in the system. Not sure what's up with that...

  2. Not sure either. Many people have reported that it worked for them. Well hopefully EB Games gets this fixed soon.