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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Phase V, Mission 1: The Last Story Party Time!

We've revised our plans to contact Nintendo of America on Friday. Go ahead and call them up, email them, or leave them a message on Facebook & Twitter saying "thanks!".
Let XSEED Games know how excited you are as well!
And if you live in Australia, Europe, or South Africa... BUY THE GAME - it comes out THIS WEEK!

For complete information about the mission and our plans for this Friday, please click below:


  1. Limited Edition already preordered! Hopefully it will arrive for Friday, since postage within EU usually takes about a week.

    As for Pandora's Tower, I'll see if the Limited Edition is worth a purchase.

    Oh, and congratz on The Last Story! I know my wallet will weep, but I think I'll also ad Project Zero 2 no my to-buy list. Need to support NoE on this one.

  2. The Party's has just begun! The Last Story is mine! Time to party! Or should I say, "Par-tay!" I will play it out like a maniac (nearly), review it, spread it to all gamers and ensure Pandora's Tower is released!