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Until Xenoblade Chronicles


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Join Us In Our Forums

Did you realize that Xenoblade is just one month away! Let's start getting excited people! There is perhaps no better place to talk about Xenoblade than in our forums. There are tons of topics already to choose from, so join us! Once the game is released, staff will be on hand to answer questions about the game, and even help people if they can't find something or if they get stuck! If you haven't signed up yet, signing up is a breeze. Just hit the register button and enter in your information. You'll be good to go in no time!


  1. Not relevant to the forums, but why does your footer say Pandora's Tower © GameStop? Do you mean Ganbarion?

    1. Thank you for pointing this out. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. It has been fixed. Thanks again.