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Until Xenoblade Chronicles


Monday, February 13, 2012

╰☆ Xenoblade Chronicles Tidbit of the Day #49, 48 ☆╮

Character Profile- Riki (Minor Story Details)

Riki is a member of the Nopon race. The Nopon live in Makna Forest inside and around a giant tree. Riki believes he is the legendary Heropon spoke of in the Nopon legends. Riki is not very knowledgeable of the world outside of the forest, but for what he lacks in knowledge, he makes up for in bravery and ability.

Though small, Riki is quite capable in battle. With his high HP and healing ability, he is a welcome addition to any team. Riki also has some of the most useful skills in the game. You can share these skills with your other party members providing you build up your relationship levels with Riki.

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