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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Help us in our efforts to produce a PSA

There have been many instances of the spread of false information about Operation Rainfall and our goals and methods

Operation Rainfall is not a boycott, nor do we support boycotting.
Operation Rainfall does not support piracy, hombrew or modding
while we respect your right to import, Operation Rainfall's goal is to get an NTSC release for these titles
Operation Rainfall urges it's followers/fans/peeps to be civil and polite in all dealings with Nintendo

In order to fight the spread of misinformation  we have decided to make a PSA that will dispel rumors, educate new members, correct misinformation, and hopefully be quite entertaining

as Operation Rainfall is a fan-driven movement we require input and services to be provided by the followers who make us what we are...

for full details on how you can help, visit the official thread in our official forums

for now we are working on the script for the PSA and all contributions are welcome, later we will request pictures and videos to be made for inclusion in the video

this video is for us, people like us, and peopel who cover us... it is not directed at Nintendo

lets make the best PSA we can


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This is fast becoming so pointless and absurd, it makes me even HOPE that the games never come out.

    The starting campaign was good. Handled well. But, this is just fucking stupid.

    Now, Operation Rainfall is going from persistent, to just plain obnoxious.

  3. Also, just noticed this:

    Total members 235

    ...Rofl. And you want Nintendo to take you seriously?

  4. perhaps you missed our over 7000 on facebook, people just don't bother registering for the blog

  5. a psa.....
    sounds like OP is starting to care about OP and not the games...

    Focus on the games, I don't think a psa is the way to go. Good luck though.

  6. ^--Instead of working on a PSA, just make some general youtube videos. Controlling a movement like this is an uphill battle that you will NEVER win. Trying to fight crap like this just diverts resources better spent elsewhere.

    The goal of Operation Rainfall is to get Nintendo to license those three games, right? Any action or effort not taken to further that goal is WASTED.

  7. the PSA is necessary because there is false information being spread about us that is dissuading current and potential rainfall members, but it goes beyond that, this is meant to be funny, and by being as such hopefully it will go viral, and if it does it could drastically increase awareness of our goals which is a good thing, a very good thing... allot of people think we are over, and this acts as a means of saying "no, we are still here"... we already planned out our next mail-in campaign and will post new details over time... and we are attempting to promote xenoblade in europe as well.. there is little else we can do with a big impact.. especially when people think we are over

  8. ...This is pointless.

    This operation is headed by morons.

  9. @JC, obvious troll is obvious. If you weren't some child looking to get a rise out of us, you wouldn't be coming to this blog to comment on it if all your comments are just going to be "HURPDURR THIS IS POINTLESS LOOK AT ME I'M LOUD." I'd like to see you run a campaign well enough to actually get any official response from a company as big as Nintendo, or start an operation with so many followers. Your "235 members" comment has no real meaning, as what matters is the many thousands of signatures on the petition, as well as the thousands of facebook fans and twitter followers.

    Also, Nintendo would be gaining a ton of money by releasing these titles in North America, if half a decade of sales data is to be believed. It would really help them what with that 82% cut in the profit forecast. If anything Operation Rainfall is a movement that is HELPING Nintendo, not HURTING them.