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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Operation Rainfall open letter to Satoru Iwata president and CEO of Nintendo Ltd


Mr. Iwata:

On behalf of many 3DS owners, we at Operation Rainfall wish to offer our profound thanks; you have expressed your apologies to early adopters of the handheld directly and with honor. It is a rare and refreshing thing for a video game company to make such a bold outreach to its supporters, and you once again prove that Nintendo exists in a class all its own.

We recognize that Nintendo has had difficulty in reaching its core audience, and that difficulty has unfortunately translated into a reduction in your projected revenues. As fans of your products, this is both saddening and worrisome. We want for Nintendo to continue as a recognized leader in interactive entertainment, and of course hope that the price decrease for the 3DS helps to alleviate some of your financial concerns.

However, we would be remiss if we did not take this opportunity to reiterate our stance on Nintendo's refusal to localize the video games Xenoblade, Last Story, and Pandora's Tower in the North American market. At a time when Nintendo needs its core fans the most, Nintendo of America (acting by orders of Nintendo Ltd.) has steadfastly refused to bring us titles for the struggling Wii that could bolster not only sales, but the good will of many of your supporters. 

As fans, we appreciate the excellent games and services that you have released for us to enjoy so far. As consumers, we express the demand that we feel should drive the supply of the three games we seek for North American release. You are presented with a golden opportunity to bring about a dramatic change in mood for Nintendo; by simply releasing games which have already been developed, you will help to retake lost ground here in our market. 

We do not expect you to undertake this venture alone: Operation Rainfall is committed to not only to the release of these games, but their support and marketing, as well. You will enjoy every resource that we have in the promotion of these titles, with no marketing costs to Nintendo. We will be out in force to get the word out and show people the fruits of Sakaguchi's, Takahashi's, and studio Ganbarion's labors. 

For decades, Nintendo has been a constant positive in our lives. None of us can imagine a gaming culture without Mario, Link, and Samus Aran. We the fans, both young and old, appeal to you Iwata-san. Please return confidence to the North American market! If anyone can, it is you!


Your Fans at Operation Rainfall







 credit goes to Thomas Wier for writing the letter
and Brandt Mackay for translating it into Japanese


  1. That is a very superb letter. Here's hoping it gets an actual read by and response from Iwata instead of more cookie cutter corporate replies.

  2. Great work! I'll keep the gameplay videos goin' and sending them to Nintendo to give reasons why they must release them.

  3. Wow that was a well-done and respectful letter. Hopefully you will see a response. I've been looking forward to these games for two+ years and can't stand the thought of not playing them.

  4. Was this actually sent by mail for them to read or is it just online? Should we be sending this letter out as well? I'm guessing not, since there's no address given

  5. Hi, Admin! It's Thomas. My last name is Wier, but I don't care about credit; it's what we're all thinking, I just put it into words. My end game is just for Iwata to read it!

  6. Might not be a bad idea to have a Japanese person look over the Japanese, however. "From your important fans, Operation Rainfall"

  7. The operation failed.

    GET OVER IT. This is beating a horse so dead, it's barely a corpse.

  8. To @Mike the Vampire and @Operation Rainfall, you might want to check out this article on the three RGPs on ign at . It's about how the Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is considering to localize stateside based on how well the games sell in Europe. I know it might sound naive, but this article raises my hopes on the localization of the games, so keep up the good work.

  9. @gypsyOtoko, I know the letter isn't perfect (I don't know anyone who can proof read it), but there are some things can't translate over perfectly 大切なオペレーション・レインフォールのファンより (Taisetsu na operation rainfall no fan yori) is an example of a noun that verbs, and they can seem very erratic in Japanese. It would be something like "from your loving Operation Rainfall fans". Google Translator shouldn't be trusted for such idioms/quirks.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Here's hoping I can get it proofread soon.

  12. @Mackay1985 Certainly, that's part of translating though, we just need to find the proper phrase that is used in the same context to convey a similar meaning, even if it's not one to one.

    So of all the people supporting Rainfall nobody has come out and admitted that they are native Japanese?

    Does OR have a timeline that they're thinking of working on where they ultimately deliver this in some form to NCL?

  13. Then again, most who know Japanese are in Japan enjoying these games.

  14. And besides, no operation is a failure that puts in an effort as massive as this.

  15. this is what it says according to Google Translate (yes I know it's not the best.)
    Open letter to president Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's,

    To Mr. Iwata,

    For those who have a 3DS all of our operations is our rainfall reportedly Oral and thank Nintendo's latest line. We apologize to Mr. Iwata finished in a respectable thing to people who bought a 3DS soon. I commute to the heart of the people towards video game companies to support our important thing is a wonderful thing unusual. It so easy, we have to Homma prove the excellence of Nintendo.
    Our core audience is difficult to soothe, the results are known Nintendo profits that had clearly lost a bit. For us, it is a sad state of scary, is folded in a Nintendo Dearimasu company wants to be the best video games and entertainment and always. 3DS certainly reduce the price of which I must have to help Nintendo.
    Unfortunately, we must 伝Wanakere Honma purpose of this open letter again soon. Nintendo Co., Ltd. We are America, etc. Why not release a game last story in the U.S. and Zenoburedo not know really. Now is a great time for Nintendo Co., Ltd. is the core fans will really need. NOA is Nintendo LTD. To "better not to release these games," but it has been ordered is saying What, Wii Nintendo really suffering I see. Sure, these games can be released in America and not just become a sales increase, to release the game will come more and more people to support the goodwill of Iwata's.
    As a fan of Nintendo, and we sincerely appreciate your contributions, such as games and who have released so far. As consumers, the release of the game that wants to be the most successful of these fine, we'll work hard I have to hard. Mr. Iwata will certainly have the power to improve the current state of Nintendo, lost customers can heal itself by releasing a complete game.
    But we do not want to undertake this task alone Mr. Iwata, the operation 御座 Imasu rainfall is the most important thing is to release these games. Nevertheless, I think it's important to support sales and Homma these games. Enjoy the promotion of these games, Nintendo Dearimasu I do not need to pay sales charges. As we can show the real game programmers, such as Mr. Takahashi and Mr. Sakaguchi people.
    Decades of Nintendo LTD. Dearimasu company is very important for everyone. We'll I can not imagine the game Mario and culture there is no link or Samasuaran. We as fans, and we really appeals to Mr. Iwata. Come to the U.S. fans can have their own once more towards Nintendo, please have your help! Mr. Iwata Orimasen only!


    Important than rainfall fan operation