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Until Xenoblade Chronicles


Monday, December 26, 2011

"What a buncha jokahs!" Photoshop Contest- Begins Now!- UPDATED 12/27

One of the most popular lines of dialogue in Xenoblade Chronicles is Reyn's "what a bunch of jokahs" line delivered after battle when the party easily eliminates a weaker enemy.

We want to increase awareness for Xenoblade chronicles and we figured the best way to do that would be to have a contest with the prize being a copy of Xenoblade.

What we want from those who wish to participate are fun ways you can use battle quotes that are used in Xenoblade such as the popular line from Reyn, "what a buncha jokahs", in an image. Images submitted must contain a character from Xenoblade Chronicles, and the battle quote such as "What a buncha Jokahs!" You can take this anywhere you want as long as the images are not offensive but please read the contest rules before participating.

Entries are to be submitted on our Facebook page, just create a new post for everybody to see.You can also email your entry to The staff will pick the top 10 best entries, and then there will be a poll on our Facebook page for everybody to vote on their favorite. The entry with the most votes wins a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles.

Contest Schedule
Submissions---------------Monday Dec 26- Friday Jan 13
Staff Picks Top 10--------Saturday Jan 14- Sunday Jan 15
Poll Voting-----------------Monday Jan 16- Thursday Jan 19
Winner Announced-------Friday Jan 20 Prizes

First Place-----------------NTSC copy of Xenoblade
Second Place------------- Choice of White OpRainfall Characters T-Shirt (No Ringer) OR Oprainfall Poster OR OpRainfall Coffee Mug
Third Place---------------- Choice of OpRainfall Bumper Sticker OR OpRainfall Keychain OR Oprainfall Shotglass

Please submit your entries between now and January 13. Late entries will not be accepted. 
Sorry, this is for the NTSC region only.

Contest rules and suggestions can be found here

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