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Until Xenoblade Chronicles


Saturday, March 10, 2012

╰☆ Xenoblade Chronicles Tidbit of the Day #22 ☆╮

Gem Crafting 101 Part 3

Now comes the crucial part: any enhancement values under 100 will be up for Cylindration. This is where the Cylinder Gauge comes into play. Depending upon the Cylinder number on top, you can select just as many enhancement values. Each selected value will be ‘recycled’ into a Cylinder, to be used as a future material in adifferent crafting session. Once your Cylinder amount is empty, all remaining enhancement values will be lost.

This is why you should aim for 3 to 4 enhancement values while selecting materials as mentioned earlier. If you go overboard with 5-7 values, you might lose materials in the end as they cannot be Cylindrized. Of course, you can still hit an unlucky crafting streak and only generate 2 Cylinders even with a great character couple, but that’s the luck of the draw. What works best in terms of the amount of values chosen is wholly dependent upon the characters’ ability as a Shooter or Engineer and their Affinity.

Once you’ve selected all values for Cylindration, the game will hand you the resulting Cylinders and Gems to put into your inventory. As space is limited, be sure you have enough space left before starting the process. You’ll then be asked to continue for another session or quit crafting.

These are the basics of Gem Crafting, there is so much to this mechanic that we can't even keep it all in parts. We hope this info was beneficial to you, and help's you all on your adventure in the world of Xenoblade.

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